AdvTreeView - OnAfterExpandNode

Hi Pieter,

I've noticed that if I use Node.Expand to expand a node, OnAfterExpandNode is not called. Is this by design, or would you expect it to be called?

I use OnAfterExpandNode to make a call to some column sizing code, which works perfectly if I expand using the [+] icon, but doesn't if I expand some nodes in code (to make other nodes visible)

If it's by design, I will have to put an explicit call to OnAfterExpand whenever i use Node.Expand.

Thinking about this further, I can see that it probably is by design!

And my column sizing code wouldnt work anyway, because, if I'm right, AutoSizeColumn doesn't work within a BeginUpdate/EndUpdate block, and when I'm expanding nodes in code I do that within BeginUpdate/EndUpdate.

I'll add a call to my column sizing code manually!

Dear Mr. Collins, 

This is by design. The OnAfterExpandNode will not be called when programmatically expanding a node. After expanding a node, you already know its expanded, you will need to create a separate autosizing routine that updates the treeview, that can be called manually and in the appropriate events.

Kind Regards,