AdvToolPanel, Sliding In

Hi all...

When the ToolPanel sliding out and you are going with the mouse outside the ToolPanel, the Panel is sliding in.

Is it possible that the ToolPanel only sliding in by clicking the Mouse outside like the Delphi IDE ? (not AutoLock)
Is there a Workaround ?

I want to Drag Data from a ToolPanel. But everytime it is sliding in. What you think when you must do this 10 times ?



You can lock the panel to avoid it will automatically slide-in. Have you considered this?

Yes. This i meaned with "not AutoLock". When you use this Feature the Panel only sliding in when you clicking the "lock" Button. That is not what i want. A better Solution has the Delphi IDE. This is not automatically sliding in. Only by clicking outside. You can drag some Data from it and it is always open.

Is it possible to deactivate the "Auto Slide In" ?

Good Morning...

i have tested this Feature without Controls on the Panel. Is a Control placed and having the Focus, the Panel is always open until changing the Focus to a Control outside.
The Solution can be so easy :-)