AdvToolBarPager and FileOpenDialog

Delphi XE10.31
TMS Component Pack

My form contains TAdvToolBarPager and TAdvStringGrid.
Whenever I try a TFileOpenDialog.Execute, my app freezes.

The debugger leads me to 
AdvGrid.pas : MsgHookProc
But I managed to prevent it by commenting SetWindowsHookEx... as suggested in an other thread.

But now it is entering 
AdvToolBar : TAdvToolBarPager.SubclassProc()
witch I'm unable to bypass (although it may not be wise).

Sadly, I can't reproduce this problem on a sample application. 

Would you have some direction? 

We cannot reproduce this either.
From where exactly are you calling this TFileOpenDialog.Execute?

From a simple button out of the menu.

Hi Bruno, 

I finally found out that the problem is not related to the menu.
I have a COM initializing instruction:

I'm opened to any inputs...
Thanks anyway.

Can you isolate this and provide a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here? That will be the most efficient way.

Problem solved.

As said, menu (and TMS) is not involved.
I've got a work around with COM initialization problem.