AdvTabSet RunTime Error when Crypting Software

I have a AdvTabSet with one AdvTab added at design time. If i run the exe in Debug i have no problem. If I crypt the Software with the usual obfuscating software i use i get this runtime error:

tms error

I do not modify the TabColor property of the AdvTab in my application, this is strange

If i add the tab at runtime with this instructions i don't get the error:
TTabCollectionItem *tabItem;
tabItem = AdvTabSet->AdvTabs->Add();
tabItem->Caption = "new item";

I'm using C++Builder 10.4.2 with TMS VCL UI Pack v10.5.6.1

I have no idea what your obfuscation software is doing. Do you see TabColor being persisted in the DFM file and if so, are you sure your obfuscation software is not incorrectly corrupting the DFM content in your EXE?