AdvStringGrid with nodes: how to hide the horizontal gridlines ?

I'm upgrading a project from AdvStringGrid version (year 2014) to a more recent version (year 2022).

The new version displays the node column different. And it does not look nice because of the bottom/top cell gridlines interfering with the node-lines. It looks messy.

Is there a way to get the old look back, hiding the cell bottom/top gridlines ?

It looks at first sight you need to disable fixed cell grid lines.

Thanks, removing the fixed horizontal cell grid lines is one step in the right direction !

Is it also possible to show the BANDS colors into the fixed column (yellow/white yellow/white ...) ?

Bands are typically for normal cells, not fixed cells.
If you want to see banding in fixed cells, you'd need to set the fixed cell background color alternating programmatically.