AdvStringGrid, virtual cells and ComboList Editor

Version of the component :

I'm using a TAdvStringGrid with ComboList Editors on some columns.
The combos are displayed well and i can select the value I want.

I'm using the OnGetDisplText event to show "Yes" or "No" instead of my underlying "1" or "0" value. This works well too.

The issue:  
When I select a Yes/No value from the combo it stores this Value inside the Cell which makes it different than others. I tried using GridCells[c,r] instead of Cells[c,r] to set the value. I also tried setting the value to "0" or "1" in an OnComboChange event. Still not good.

Any idea? Am i doing it wrong? 

I'd suggest to implement the OnCellValidate event handler and transform the value "Yes", "No" that is passed via the Value parameter to "1" or "0".

Works perfectly thanks !