AdvStringGrid unicode problem


I have problems in  a programm with unicode charset in an AdvStringGrid.
Special Chars are not shown, instead a vertical bar.

If I make it in a small testprogramm everything is ok.

What can be the reason for the strange behaviour in the first case. The same strings are shown correctly in other components. See first image below.



Is this a unicode Delphi version you use or not and do you use the latest version of Delphi?

Hello, I forgot to mention I use  the latest TMS Component Pack, and delphi XE8.


I cannot reproduce this. Do you have details / step by step info how to reproduce?

Also, it looks like your first app does not have runtime themes enabled. Does it help when you enable runtime themes?

As I found this behaviour only in one huge programm, I could not reproduce it with a new programm.

But the enabling of runtime themes does not help!

Did you verify the font used in the grid?

The font was MS Sans Serif! 

If I change it to Tahoma, everything is ok.

Many thanks for your fast help.