AdvStringGrid search

good afternoon to all,

   j have some problem to find a text in a cel.

J need to check if in (for example) column 4 there is(are) a cel(s) with value '1234'

J'm using grid.find function but this works only if j set the tpoin varable to -1,-1 with tfindparams:=[];

but this in this case the function gives all the cells not only in the column 4.

How is the correct way to find the text in all cels in column 4 with value '1234' ???

Thank's for all


Good afternoon,

j've resolved the case using fnfindPresetCol and setting the searched column with FindCol.

But j'm not sure that is the rigth way to do the search !!


When using the search pane , you can set:

SearchColumn: integer 
Sets the column index where search should happen. 

See page 131 at

Goog afternoon,

   thank's for your quick reply !!!

J'm not use the built in panel, but, after an insert procedure where the user type code, price, quantity and so on, j do a check in one colums for a specific text.

I the text is found, the progrma merge the rows where the text is match.

To d this j will use the funtion advgrid.find() as described in advstringgrid developer guide at pag. 148

Thank's again for your interest.