ADVStringGrid not importing other language symbols

Hello, I have an XLS that contains some Korean symbols in one of the columns. When I import via the AdvGridExcelIO component, the symbols in the XLS file come through as "?" in the grid.

I need to point out, this is using D2007 with the associated TMS VCL pack.
I also tested with Rio and its associated TMS VCL pack, and that worked OK.

Unfortunarly my customer is not planning an upgrade until later this year, is their a solution to the D2007 version?

Thank you.

Please note there is only unicode support from Delphi 2009 or newer.
In Delphi 2007, there is unfortunately no unicode support.
Embarcadero added this unicode support only from Delphi 2009.

Hello Bruno, I thought this was the case - I just wanted to make sure. Thank you for the quick response.