AdvStringGrid - nodes

let's say I used AddNode in a grid to be able to group similar items.

If I expand the node and click on a row that is part of the node; is there a way to know if the clicked row is part of a node? (maybe grid.NodeSpanType... I can't find any documentation on this property but seems to return 1 when the row is part of a node, 0 when the row is the node itself and -2 otherwise)

Also, is there a way to know the postion of the row inside a node? Ex: this row is the 5th/10 element of a node containing 10 items?


You can call grid.GetParentRow(rowindex) and if this returns -1, it is a row that is not a child, otherwise it is a child row of the returned row index.

It works.

Is there a pdf with this information? I could not see this mentionned in the stringgrid developper guide.

I see this specific function was missing in the PDF dev guide and it is added now. In the next release, it will be available on page 98.