AdvStringGrid Gouping problem

Good morning Bruno,

i have a little, but serious, problem with grouping and hidding.

The problem is on FVisibleCol.

This array is a TBoolArray and, i think, is zero based.

The problem is here.

While the function GetAllColCount return the number off al columns, the array does not.

For example we have a grid with 15 columns, try to hide 8,10,15.

Check FVisiblecount with high(FVisiblecount) and it return 15.

But if you group for column 5 and, after gropued, check GetAllColCount it return 15 but if you check high(FVisiblecount) it return 14 because the column group was removed but is still present into GetAllColCount.

In this, rare, case the last column after grouping is never hide (because is greaterr then high(FVisiblecount).

This is what append to me.

Thank's for all