AdvStringGrid Events

I am currently using  the OnGetDisplText, OnGetEditText, and OnSetEditText events.

I've added a custom inplace editor, which appears to work correctly up to the point where I change the value. Its a date editor, based on Raize TRzDateTimeEdit (which allows a blank date to be entered).

When I change the date to any new value the OnSetEditText event is NOT fired.

However, the OnEditChange event IS fired.

This makes me think I have possibly been using the wrong event up until now & that I should be using OnEditChange instead of OnSetEditText.

I assumed (possibly incorrectly) that OnGetEditText is used to load the inplace editor with a value, and OnSetEditText is used to obtain a changed value from the inplace editor.

What is the difference between these 2 events - and which should I be using ?


To apply edited changes for a virtual grid, we recommend to use the OnCellValidate event. This event is triggered when editing ends and the value changed.