AdvStringGrid 'Control Characters' in a Cell.

Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem with AdvStringGrid. Hopefully someone can suggest a solution.

I am Loading a CSV file into the Grid. I know that some of the Cells have a VT (#011) Control Character in the text in them

If I use StringReplace(source,#11,#13,[rfReplaceAll]); it doesn't find the VT character in the string.

If I Save the grid as CSV, the VT characters are still in there.

Any ideas ?


what is "source" ? Are you performing this replace on EACH cell AFTER you loaded the CSV file?
Did you test that AFTER your replacement, the specific characters are not longer in grid cells?

I cannot see any reason why the grid would suddenly reinsert characters that were not in cell when doing just SaveToCSV().
If a problem persists, please contact us by direct email and provide us with some sample source app with which we can reproduce the problem.

Please set grid.MultiLineCells = true