AdvStringGrid column font color

I have a grid with 5 columns and 1..n rows.

How can I set the text in column 2 (all rows) in red font color, and all other columns in black font color?

A sample would be great.

A possible solution:

or use property grid.FontColors[col,row]: TColor to set each cell's font color.

Or alternatively, use TAdvColumnGrid and use
grid.Columns[col].Font.Color: TColor

I use a lot of StringGrids in my program. Most of them display data only, and no insert/edit of data is allowed.

For displaying data only, is TAdvColumnGrid a better choice or does it not matter?

TAdvColumnGrid just a slightly more convenient choice for cases where all data visualization & handling is managed strictly column-wise.
But if you already implemented TAdvStringGrid, you can do the same via event handlers like OnGetCellColor.