I've got a question about the new advspreadgrid (v2.3.1.0).

It now has the option to show ErrorDisplay and EroorText. Also

It now shows the formula instead of the value.

Is there a way to disable / overrule this?

tms component pack 7.8

advspreadgrid (v2.3.1.0)

Delphi XE5

Did you set AdvSpreadGrid.ShowFormula = false?

To my knowledge it is turned off. But in older versions I haven’t gotten the error box under the grid before. So maybe the triggering of that box also triggers the formula view and overrules it?

So how can I disable that box and overrule the Showformula? In the component there is only a ErrorDisplay & ErrorText option. And, to my knowledge, now type of off switch.

The error box under the grid is NOT part of TAdvSpreadGrid, this must be something defined at application level. Please check your application level code, in particular code in the grid.OnFormulaError /grid.OnFormulaErrorInfo event handlers.

Yes indeed that seems to do the trick. Thank you!