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I'm designing a form to fill some fields using only the keyboard (no mouse) to allow fast captures.

In some float fields the user may perform some arithmetic operations using AdvSmoothCalculatorDropDown component. The form accepts Tab or Return to move to next field and when focus is in the AdvSmoothCalculatorDropDown component Alt+Dwn_Arrow drops down the calculator... but when the operations are done, Return puts the result in the edit box but the calculator stays visible. Tab, Return or Alt+Up_Arrow do not close the calculator  until you click outside its area. I don't want the user to left the keyboard and click the mouse because it slows down the capture.
I found the data aware version of this component is not always performing the operations (45+5+2) are  just appending the members to the edit field  (45+5+2 results in 4552).

Is there a property to set or a procedure to use to close the calculator with the keyboard?
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.

Any news about these issues?

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Francisco Alvarado

We have added an improvement that the same key combination for opening can be used for closing as well. Escape, ALT+Down will close the calculator.

These are good news, thank you Pieter.

When this improvement will be available? Can I have it now?
Best regards
Francisco Alvarado

Please contact us directly at with a link to this forum post for an incremental source update.