AdvSelectors - hardwired colors

I am fixing the colors of a number of components to work with the VCL styles by setting the exposed colors in my code. However I have noticed that the components using the AdvSelectors.pas unit have a problem in that many of the colors for e.g. the combobox arrows and various backgrounds are hardwired to clBlack or clWhite. 

I understand that changing all the components to use the VCL styles is a big task and that inevitably some components will be at the end of the list. However changing these hardwired colors to use already exposed colors (such as Color for the backgrounds and BorderHotColor for the arrow) would be a fairly simple fix and allow us to use the StyleServices.GetStyleColor() and StyleServices.GetStyleFontColor() commands to make another group of your components work with VCL Styles with relatively little effort. 

We will look into this and check what is possible.


We've made the arrow color available in the following update with the properties ArrowColor and ArrowColorDisabled.

As a side note we want to inform you that if it is possible, you can use the AdvOfficeSelectors.
These have more appearance settings availabe.

Thanks for the info, I will take a look....