AdvSearchEdit font size

Delphi Berlin, Component Pack

I'm trying to get a TAdvSearchEdit to display (in drop down list and "text" area) with a larger font.

I've set
  advSrchEdtCat.Appearance.DescriptionControlFont:=true; // or false - no difference

I have ShowItemCategory as false - really just trying to duplicate a simple combo box with drop down list - and with a large font.

None of the combinations I've tried has changed the font size...

From the manual:
DescriptionControlFont: Boolean
  When true, description text of items use the control?s font, when false, it uses the font set by DescriptionFont

In this case of TAdvSearchEdit, what property is "the control's font"?



Have you tried:
AdvSearchEdit.Columns[columnindex].Font ?

I think that was actually something I tried - but I think the "DescriptionControlFont" setting was wrong.

That or I tried something with advSrchEdtCat.Columns.Items[ndx].Font instead...

At any rate, I have the drop down sizes set the way I want (see below).

What I'm still struggling with is how to set the font size in the "edit box" (where "Search" appears with empty text) - I'd like the selected item to appear in a larger font - I must be missing the blindingly obvious again...

 fntSize := 14;
 // loadstrings before changing size
  advSrchEdtCat.ItemHeight := fntSize+10;

  advSrchEdtCat.Appearance.DescriptionControlFont :=true;
  advSrchEdtCat.Appearance.ShowItemCategory       :=False;
  advSrchEdtCat.CategoryButton.Visible            :=false;
  advSrchEdtCat.SearchButton.Visible              :=false;

  advSrchEdtCat.SearchList.Font.Size              :=fntSize;
  advSrchEdtCat.Appearance.DescriptionFont.Size   :=fntSize;

for ndx := 0 to advSrchEdtCat.Columns.Count-1 do

We've seen this and exposed the AdvSearchEdit.Font property via which you will be able to set this. This will be in release TMS Component Pack v8.8.6.0