AdvRichEditor and merge


The SetSelectionMergefield() is not working in my program and seems a bit buggy?

Values are sometimes merged, but often not, I don't see any pattern and it seems "random". If not merged the editor shows the "Merge Field name"

Is this a known issue?



We are not aware of issues with merge fields. What do you mean with "Not working" ? When you use SetSelectionMergeField, do you see the text appear as <MERGEFIELD> in gray?

Can you provide some more info about where you put your merge field on, merge field names you use and merge field values you have?

I see the merge field as greyed.

Merge field names are fixed and the user selcts them from a combobox an then inserted to the editor.



then the user selects the inserted text


Above (document) is then stored in a PostgreSql database (Blob)

In another unit then user seltetc the document and it is opened from the database and then

I use the editor.Merge(sl);

Merge fields are always greyed (also when opened from the database), but quite often they are not replaced by merge text.


We'll really need some more details how we can reproduce this.
After the merge, do you undo the merge or restore the document with mergefields to make the merge fields again available?
If a problem persists, please provide some sample source app & steps with which we can reproduce the issue here.

I am experiencing an issue with merge too.

I add the text from a combo to the richedit. Then I select it with code. Then I turn it into a merge field. But I cannot figure out how to add some space after the merge field so the user can continue typing or insert another merge field. If you position the caret after the field and start typing it just resizes the merge field.





Same here, if I start to type at the end or at the beginning of the merge field it is resized.

When the selected merge Name (field fom combo) is inserted into the editor and I select the merge field using the mouse only a part of the name is highlighted, the rest it is greyed.

So I think there is a problem with finding the length of the merge name?


We investigated this and could trace & solve this issue. We'll release an update with this fix asap. 

Thanks for the update. This code seems to be working for me Ole:






DBAdvRichEditor1.InsertText(' ');

It seems that there is no word wrapping in the richeditor? Is this correct?

T(DB)AdvRichEditor always does automatic wordwrapping.