AdvPolyList freezes

  • Create first THmtltem in TAdvPolyList.
  • THmtltem.Selectable = False
  • Press key Page Down
  • AdvPolyList freezes

procedure TCustomItemsContainer.KeyDown(var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState);
      while (idx = -1) or not IsItemSelectable(TCustomItem(Items[idx])) do
        ProcessKeyGrid(Key, selRow, selCol);
        selrow := Max(0, Min(selrow, maxrow));
        selcol := Max(0, Min(selcol, maxcol));
        Item := ItemAtRowCol(selrow, selcol);
        if Assigned(item) then
          idx := item.Index; // idx return zero. Items[0] is not Selectable !!!

I suspect you do not use the latest version of the component.
This code is not from the latest version and with the latest version, we cannot reproduce such problem.

I have version from 6.7.2018

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  AdvPolyList: TAdvPolyList;
  HTMLItem: THTMLItem;
  AdvPolyList := TAdvPolyList.Create(self);
  AdvPolyList.Parent := self;
  HTMLItem := THTMLItem(AdvPolyList.AddItem(THTMLItem));
  HTMLItem.Selectable := False;
  HTMLItem := THTMLItem(AdvPolyList.AddItem(THTMLItem));
  HTMLItem.Selectable := True;

When show form, imediately press key Page down. Don't use mouse to select control PolyList
Thanks for these extra details.
We could reproduce it with these steps and have applied a fix.
The next update will address this.