AdvPanel - Caption

Today I was surprised. I copied or pasted from Toll Palette TAdvPanel. Both cases showed me a Caption. I don't care. It wasn't like that before.
Have you changed your behavior or is it a mistake?

This change is by design. When a NEW TAdvPanel instance is dropped on the form it has the caption enabled by default.

Um, I no longer use the standard TPanel. You've added enough extra work :(

This should NOT cause ANY work for existing applications. When an existing application used a TAdvPanel without caption, it should remain WITHOUT caption. It is only for NEW TAdvPanel instances added to an application at design-time that we changed the default for the reason to make this caption feature more apparent.

Except that I only use the Caption only occasionally. I'll survive it somehow :)

I agree: one of the nice things about the component was that, unlike Tpanel, it did not default to the senseless default of enabling the Caption. I do not recall ever having used the caption of a panel.  Yes, it is only a couple of clicks for every new panel, so just a minor backward step.

The caption in TAdvPanel is not the same as the TPanel caption that is just some text in the middle of the panel. 

Two comments:

1.  I'd like to register my preference as not having the caption on by default.  As it would match the previous behavior that many of us have come to expect as default.

2.  When I cut and paste an existing AdvPanel without a caption enabled, the caption is enabled when the AdvPanel is pasted back to the form.  Since this is a cut and paste operation, I would expect the component to retain it's existing properties like other components do. 

We fixed it.

Bruno,  Thanks!

This will be a nice gift for the New Year. Well thank you very much.