AdvNavBar Win10 problem assigning font

I uncovered a very odd problem involving TAdvNavBar on Windows 10. I put a TMonthCalendar component on one of the TAdvNavBarPanels. If I try to assign a font object to the AdvNavBar.Font property on Windows 10, the TMonthCalendar moves up into the top left corner. I am using build but don't see any issue like this in the version history. I'm not sure if this is an AdvNavBar  issue or a MonthCalendar issue. There is no problem at all on Windows 7.



I noticed that if you "equivocate" the font object, the problem doesn't occur. i.e.

AdvNavBar1.Font:= MyFont.Font;

This appears to be a problem in the VCL TMonthCalendar component. I can also reproduce this problem when dropping a TMonthCalendar on a standard VCL TPanel and change the TPanel.Font. When testing this with our TMS TPlannerCalendar, this issue is not happening. So, this must be a bug in the VCL TMonthCalendar.