AdvMessageDlg bug

I assume the following is the correct usage for async AdvMessageDlg:

Add AdvMessageDlg to form
Define an INVISIBLE region on the form
Turn on RenderInvisibleControls on the form so the invisible region is rendered for use by the msg dlg
Attach the region to the AdvMessageDlg
In an Button Async event, for example, call AdvMessageDlg.ShowAsync

Click on button to close dialog... repeat... GREAT!

However, when a SYNC event happens requiring full render... the invisible region show!!!

The work around is to force the invisible region to hid in the OnRender of the form.  Not the best solution however.

Am I using the AdvMessageDlg correctly and if so is this a bug?

Forgot some info...

TMS IW 3/23/2011 build whatever that version is.


I have been able to trace and fix this issue in the IWAdvMessageDialog.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack.

I am too having this problem. I have 3 of these on one form. And when I show one of them, the other two then pop up as visible. Any ETA on next release?

Next release is scheduled for May 5.