advmegamenu pictures not transparent

Hello to all,
I am using the smoothmegamenu  from the free smoothcontrolspack available for delphi xe.
I know that I have to use a TImageList for my images because the free version does not include the picturecontainer. This works but only partial. I can not make the images in the menu transparent.
I know that the TImagelist has difficulties using 24 bit png images with an alpha channel for transparency so I tried the PNGImagelist found on the embarcadero site. This component should handle the images correctly but no luck so far.  What am I overlooking here?
Thanks in advance
Wim Schilleman
I found that this only occurs in the main menu. In the submenu's the pictures are transparent.

Hi all...

I had the same problem... Use as source for the images the Property "PictuereContainer" with a GDIPPictureContainer.

that works... :-)

Why we can´t edit our Post´s to correct writing errors ?

I know that works, but in the free version the GDIPPictureContainer is not available.
I solved the problem by buying the complete controls pack.