AdvListBox "<NO Name>'' Text does not display properly

I am trying to convert our legacy APP that used RzListBox to AdvListBox. Some of the items being added to the list from an existing Datbase have a chevron and inverted chevron ' '''. Any item that has the chevrons is displayed on the list as a blank line. I suspect that the list is treating this as an html text and cherons mean it should be a blank line. This leads to many errors throughout the system as these anchors are used for other purposes.
Is there a way to get around this?.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.

TAdvListBox renders items with the mini HTML engine (TMS Software | Support), so something like <NO NAME> is interpreted as HTML and as such, does not display as it is considered a tag.
A solution is to set the value of the item as:

'&lt;NO NAME&gt;';