AdvKanbanBoard -> Board item with additional text

is it possible to prevent saving the text of a BoardItem after moving it to another column?

The situation:
I want to add some additional text at the bottom of a BoardItem. But I want to do this “on the fly”.
Creationtime, Username and perhaps last change.
All three are stored separately in the DB. I add the text in the “FieldsToItem” event of the AdvKanbanBoardDatabaseAdapter at the end of BoardItem.text.

This works well, but if I move the BoardItem to another column, the “new” text will be stored in the DB.
Or is there a better way to show some additional text?
(I tried the “AfterDrawItemText” event, but there is a problem with the BoardItem-height. Also I want to use html text, so I think the better way is to extend the “BoardItem.text”)

With the OnFieldsToItem, you also have an OnItemToFields, the Text that need to be written to the Field. In this event, you can to the reverse operation taking away the additional Text that you have added. You could do something like this:

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCKanbanBoardDatabaseAdapter1FieldsToItem(Sender: TObject;
  AFields: TFields; AItem: TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItem);
  AItem.DataString := '#MyAdditionalText#';
  AItem.Text := AItem.Text + AItem.DataString;

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCKanbanBoardDatabaseAdapter1ItemToFields(Sender: TObject;
  AItem: TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItem; AFields: TFields);
  f: TField;
  s: string;
  f := AFields.FieldByName(TMSFNCKanbanBoardDatabaseAdapter1.Item.Text);
  if Assigned(f) then
    s := AItem.Text;
    s := StringReplace(AItem.Text, AItem.DataString, '', [rfReplaceAll]);
    f.AsString := s;

Of course, #MyAdditionalText# needs to be unique in order to replace