AdvGridDropDown Initial value (itemindex?)


I have TDbAdvGrid which has two columns containing AdvGridDropDowns.
All fields have numeric values in db table and drop down has numeric value and corresponding 
Everything is working fine, except when jumping between columns dropdown's Initial selected (blue) row doesn't match to value of field.  It seems to be at same row where it was in other column.
in OngetEditorType event I initialize DropDown:n properties
I try to set itemindex on getEdittext event, but that doesn't help.

I couldn't see an unexpected behavior here. The picker allows to pick any value from its dropdown list. When the picker is shown first, it tries to preset the selected row on the value in the editor control part. When it is not found, the selected row is not set (hence, it remains on a previously selected row). As the picker dropdown can only select from the values it contains, selecting within this dropdown will always be a value within the dropdown list.

okey, thanks for reply. I'll try to isolate this issue and I'll be back if neccessary.