after the Upgrade to (Tokyo, Rio, Sydney) ALL our AdvGlowButton lost Information about the Picture position (we and our customers want to have the pic on the same left position - We must correct this with spacing)
We use tons of this AdvGlowButton's ....
Is there a Bug in the Installation or ???

Hope you can Help me!

Please provide at very mininum details about your AdvGlowButton property settings.

For Example:
We have 15 AdvGlowButton listed one below the other
Every Button have a Caption (8-22 character) an Notes (smaler size)
bpStandalone, bsButton, StringTrimmingNone
We Change nothing apart from Caption,Note, Picture (24x24) and
the Spacing (to have all Pictures left) and naturally the Size and Position

After the Update (TMS Setup TO TMS Setup Version )
EVERY Picture is on a other Place (like magify to the Caption)


Again, please provide the full component property settings (the minimum to do here is copy & paste the settings from your DFM so we can check).

AdvGlowButtonStammdaten.txt (4.9 KB)
after before

The code in the DFM is absolutely the Same
We have on the Worstation and on a Noteboot where we Test Comonent Updates and after Update the Picture is muche more left...

Before Version of the Button=
After= is a version much much older than the one in
I see you set Spacing = 25, this is responsible for the space between the glyph and the combination of Caption / Notes text.

probably the calculate of the space is in the new Version
different - in one application we have 188 Buttons and on everey Button with spacing <> 0 we have the problem - so we cannot roll out the Update to

I can only assume you counted on formerly erratic behavior and we fixed it that erratic behavior as the current behavior is correct.
You could 1) write a script to replace the spacing to zero for TAdvGlowButton in your DFM files or 2) patch AdvGlowButton.pas to force Spacing to zero