AdvGlowButton 6.7.3 vs. 8.4.2

Hi all...

I updated the VCL Component pack. Now is the disabled image black / gray. :-( At the version 6.7 the disabled image was slightly transparent.

Backround: I have a button image in black. Now i can´t see disabled or not... :-(

PS: ShowDisabled is not a option. :-(

What can i do? Thanks...

Can you try to set global var in AdvStyleIF:

TMSDISABLEWITHCOLORSATURATION: boolean to false to see if this helps?

Add unit AdvStyleIF to the uses list and in the Form Create event for example or form unit initialization, set TMSDISABLEWITHCOLORSATURATION := false

Hi Bruno...

Thanks. It works. :-) Like previously... :-)