advEdit onValueValidate event it does not work properly

I have problem with onValueValidate event in advEdit.
Validation only works the first time. If I exit from field and come back again it doesn't work.
Colors are also lost.

Demo project is attached. (5.6 KB)

It's because you also use the Focus color options. So when you give new focus to the control, it uses these focus color settings.
To avoid this, set
FocusColor = clNone
FocusFontColor = clWindowText

Thank you!

I have another question for validation:

  1. If use ShowValidation and HideValidation on advEdit, how to change position and shape of tip by default is ttRight and tsBalloon?

  2. If use ShowValidator function with advToolTip how to hide validation once when appeared?
    Edit: Found it - HideValidator()

  1. At this moment, it is not exposed to configure the position setting of the tooltip window
  2. I'm not sure I understand this question. HideValidation call hides it after showing.