AdvEdit error with Quick edit

Good morning,

Situation: Delphi 10.4 freshly launched.
File | New | Windows VCL application - Delphi.

Place an AdvEdit component on the form and click on Quick Edit at the Object Inspector.

Unexpectedly an error message pops up:

"Cannot assing a nil to a TPadding."

I've tested it a few times in different situations, but the error message persists. Hopefully this message is of some use to you.

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TMS VCL UI Pack February 8 2022
Delphi 10.4 Update 2.

This is unfortunately an oversight. Padding is a property that exists at TWinControl level but is not exposed. As TAdvEdit property Padding is new a property with a different type, this conflicts with the assign method, called when using the Quick Edit option. We have now changed Padding to TextPadding to fix the issue. Next version will address this issue. Thank you for reporting!