Advedit and Default Button on Form

Advedit with default property settings does not appear to interact properly with a TButton (or a TAdvglowbutton) that has Default := True. Specifically, when the cursor is in the Advedit field, pressing Enter does not cause the TButton to fire. This is not standard Windows behavior.

To reproduce, drop a TEdit, a TAdvedit and a Tbutton on a form. Add something like Showmessage('clicked') to the onclick handler of the TButton. Set TButton.Default := True. Position the cursor on the TEdit and press enter (the message appears). Then place the cursor on the tadvedit and press enter (message does not appear).

Am I missing a setting? If not, could you modify to TAdvedit to respond to Enter as expected when there is a default button on the form? 

Set public property AdvEdit.DefaultHandling := false