AdvEdit align problem

Hi to all,
in my project i have a little form with panel and 2 advedits.
The edits are top aligned and their label is setted to stay "topLeft".
When booth are aligned to top, this procedure does not take care of the label.

Here the panel with the edits not aligned
Edits no aligned

Here with first edit aligned to top
Edit1 top aligned

And here booth aligned to top
Edit2 top aligned

As you can see the second edit is aligned to top but label is not considered.
The same happend with others label alignment (i.e. bottom).

There's something i miss ??

Thank you for reply

We could reproduce this and we'll investigate if this is something we can handle in a better way at component level. For now, in this situation, use AdvEdit.Margins.Top = 20 and AdvEdit.AlignWithMargins = true