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AdvDualList has events when movong between left and right.
However this events fire before moving.
I am looking for a way to detect if a list has been emptied.
So there should be an event that fires after moving.
Gerhard sachs

Next update will have a new event OnListsChanged that will be triggered after any move or copy operation

That will solve my Problem, thank you.

Another suggestion is, that the Multiselect Flag should not be observed by the Selectall / MoveSelection etc. methods.

I think it makes sense to have a way to prevent the user from multiselecting, but a call to SelectAll should always do what the Name implies.

In my opinion, Multiselect should be a user Interface flag, but the programmer should not be blocked by it.

This is a rather unimportant restriction, no Need to invest much work to it.


Gerhard Sachs

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean.
1) there is no SelectAll method in TAdvDualListBox

2) irrespective of MultiSelect property, methods MoveLeftRightAll and MoveRightLeftAll move all items from left to right or vice versa.

with listboxAirChannels do begin

     LeftList.MultiSelect := true;



This is the way I do it now.

I did not know that other methods are available.

What about help or documentation ?

On your Website I could not find help nor samples.


Gerhard Sachs

AdvDualListBox1.LeftList and AdvDualListBox1.RightList are VCL TListbox classes, so these will behave exactly the same way a regular VCL TListBox behaves. That also means that, consistent with the VCL TListBox, performing listbox.SelectAll has no effect when ListBox.MultiSelect = false.