AdvDBLookupComboBox to validate imput

Is there a way to set AdvDBLookupComboBox to Style := csDropDownList as in TAdvComboBox?

I want to limit the input to a valid values (those in the list dataset) and EditorEnabled = True disables the component as soon as the user tries to select an item.

Or something like this on the OnExit event:
  if AdvDBLookupComboBox1.Items.IndexOf(AdvDBLookupComboBox1.Text) < 0 then
    // Invalid input
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado

We do not have a csDropDownList mode but maybe setting LookupMethod = lmRequired helps?

Thank you Bruno:

It works not accepting an invalid value, but now I noticed that, when editing a record, the dataSource changes to dsBrowse when clicking a item and advanced to next control.
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado

I cannot reproduce this our TAdvDBLookupComboBox demo.
Do you have more details / steps?