AdvDBComboBox text selected

I have a form with two AdvDBComboBox's and when the form shows the text in the box is selected / highlighted.  Is there a way to deselect this text until the component has the focus?

Normally, it is by design that the text is selected when the component gets focus. This behavior is the same with the standard VCL combobox. I'm not sure there is a way to avoid this default behavior.

My problem is that these two comboboxes are highlighted (as if they do have focus) but are not focused... i wish i could figure out how to attach and image so i could show the issue :-S

This cannot be reproduced. Please first test this by replacing TAdvDBComboBox with regular comboboxes. If this is also a problem then this is an issue in your project and not in our component. If the problem with the component persists and does not happen with standard VCL comboboxes then please send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this by email to support.