AdvComboBox Readonly and Autoselect

Hi to all,
there's a possibility to have ReadOnly and AutoSelect properties in AdvComboBox?

ReadOnly is simple to get working on keyboard events, but, when a selection is mada, how is possible to unselect the text ?
I tryed with AdvComboBox.SetLength with AdvComboBox.SelStart but when i made the selection, the text into the edit (mean the dropdown list is close) is always selected.


Isn't readonly something like Enabled = false?
What exact functionality do you understand for AutoSelect?

Hi Bruno,
working with AdvComboBox sometimes i need to avoid input and show only the dropdown list, so enable:=false can't be used.

About autoselect, when a selection is made the selected text goes into text properties and is full selected (in a normal windows, text withe and background blue), what i expected to do is text black and background white (normal text).

It's possible that this is already present ......and i miss it !!

Thank's for all

Is it not just Style = csDropDownList you need?