AdvComboBox in Tablet Mode

If you use csDropDown Style when you enter on combobox the keyboard in tablet mode opens automatically. This not happens when you use csDropDownList Style.
Is there away to use csDropDownList Style in an advcombobox and when i enter on combobox the keyboard in tablet mode pc open automatically?

TAdvComboBox should in this respect have exactly the same behavior as a standard VCL TCombobox , which should be the default Windows behavior.
Do you see a difference?

yes it has the same behavior . But when you use Style DropDownList you still have the option to press on keyboard and have the strings with the same starting letter. So it will be good to have the option the keyboard open automatically.

A possible solution you can implement now is to programmatically force the dropdown with

AdvCombobox.DroppedDown := true;

My need is to open the pc virtual keyboard on enter of combobox and not the combobox menu.

Did you try to set DroppedDown = true from the OnEnter event?

Yes i tried this. This opens the combobox items and not my virtual keyboard.

If this behavior is not happening for a TComboBox (of which TAdvComboBox descends), we do not know a solution at this time.
Maybe OS settings can change this?