AdvColumnGrid Alternate Row Colors


Am trying to alternate colors of the rows of my AdvColumnGrids for improved readability.

Have set the Bands property to Active, set a primary and secondary color and set the primary and secondary lengths to many different values.

But I see no visual change to my grids.  What am I missing?

Thank you,

For the columns where you want to have bands, set grid.Columns[x].ShowBands = true


Thank you for this.  I saw that property but that is for columns.   I am trying to alternate row colors.



I get it now.   Thank you.  All is working.

Hi Chad

I have the same problem but didn't getting it to work. Can you tell me please what you did ?

Regards Thomas

For bands to appear in TAdvColumnGrid, please set grid.Columns[columnindex].ShowBands = true for these columns where you want to see bands. For example:

  AdvColumnGrid1.Bands.Active:= true;
  AdvColumnGrid1.Columns[1].ShowBands:= true;

Thanks Nancy, I didn't realized that I also have to set columnsproperty.