AdvChartGDIP crash with XP

I am using AdvChart, and all runs fine under all Windows versiones, except Windows XP with Service Pack 2. At program start, the program crash instantly within 200ms with an access violation.

It crash at line 7309 +16 in unit AdvChartGDIP.

The disassembled code is below, it crash at the red marked line inside AdvChartGDIP unit:

00e29be8        call    -$10d ($e29ae0)        ; AdvChartGDIP.GdiplusStartup
00e29bed 7308   call    -$f2 ($e29b00)         ; AdvChartGDIP.IsWinVista
00e29bf2        test    al, al
00e29bf4        jnz     loc_e29c03
00e29bf6 7309   lea     rcx, [$109ac44]
00e29bfd      > call    qword ptr [$109ac34]
00e29c03 7312   add     rsp, $28
00e29c07        ret


Windows XP support is already discontinued by Microsoft back in April 2014. We also do not support XP anymore. A hint to fix the issue is looking in the direction of GDIPlus.dll and the initialization sequence. Perhaps commenting the code that checks if the GDIPlus is enabled for Vista can be disabled.