AdvCardList - VCL Themes override

The AdvCardList works great and gives me control over the look and feel of each card by implementing the CardAppearance event, however any changes made here are completely ignored the moment that I use VCL Themes. Even setting the control StyleName (via code) to "Windows" in 10.4 does not work. If I implement this event then cards should allow changes. I was trying to color code certain cards to show a specific status, but this is not possible if the application is themed. There is a FUseVCLStyles private variable, but it is hard coded to be set the moment themes are available.

I can work around this by adding the following to the end of TCustomAdvCardList, but it really could use more formal support:

property OverrideUseVCLStyles : boolean read fUseVCLStyles write fUseVCLStyles;

Normally you can disable the use of VCL styles by excluding seClient from the StyleElements.
But there was still an issue in TAdvCardList to handle this. We've fixed the problem and this will be included in the following update of the TMS VCL UI Pack.

One more minor issue with this control. The image list property should be set to tCustomImageList so it is compatible with the newer virtual image lists.

We fixed it. In next release it will be TCustomImageList