Admin Console for Sphinx

Is there an Admin Console or specific class for accessing the various authorisation types (i.e. Claims, roles etc.) within Sphinx? Or alternatively a more in depth example that displays these features? I've tried manually adding claims into the sqlite database created by the Simple Example in the demo directory but I can't get them to populate within the authorisation token or through interrogation of the "Args" variable in the ConfigureToken function. I assume that this would occur automatically, or am I misunderstanding that? Do these values all have to be read from the database in custom code and added to the token manually.

After further testing I realise that the user claims etc were being lazy loaded so they don't show up in the IDE without being directly requested. I still think an Admin Console would be a nice addition but I think I have enough of a grasp of the Sphinx architecture now to do without it :slight_smile: .

For now, yes.

Great to know. We want to provide more automation for roles and claims to make developer life easier, but for now ConfigureToken event is enough for total flexibility.