Adjust Country list in TWebCountryComboBox

I'm looking for a way to adjust country list for TWebCountryComboBox
I would like to hide some entries that aren't really country but more administrative entities (ex : Martinique for France, is a department)
I see inside unit WEBLib.Country.pas a list builder but it's not used for Pas2Js compilation.
In web core js file I can find a list

this.GetCountryList = function () {
    var Result = null;
    var lst = null;
    const countryListAlpha2 = {
    "AF": "Afghanistan",
    "AL": "Albania",
    "DZ": "Algeria",

How this list is built to remove entries please ?



Via WebCountryComboBox.Items, you can add or remove countries.

My bad I forgot to use it as a TStringList
Thanks Bruno

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