Adding parameters to Controls

I need to connect auxiliary data or parameters to controls. I see that Controls and TextCells  have an Obj property that I feel could be used for this but I need some help in getting it working. Does anyone have a simple demo (or just some demo code) that show how (say) an array of records can be attached to a control and how to read/write them?

Yes, that's the purpose of Obj property: you can attach any object to the diagram control, but only in runtime: it is not persisted automatically by diagram. If you need something more specific or want to persist the custom data (load/save into diagram), then I suggest you to create a custom block descending from a base diagram block.
You will find samples in source code of diagram blocks, for example the TUMLClassBlock (in UMLBlocks.pas): it's a custom diagram block which stores additional information (attributes, operations, etc).

Ricardo Samila
TMS Software Team

Thanks, I will take a look.