Adding generic class into Scripter

Hello. I've a generic class like :
TMyStorage < T > = class

I want to add this generic class into Scripter. But I don't know how to add it. If I use something like :
DefineClassByRTTI(TMyStorage < T >) it gives error.
If I specify the type like this : DefineClassByRTTI(TMyStorage < Integer > ) It accepts but still I'm not able to use, it gives syntax error and also the purpose of generic have been lost.
I want to know if there is any way of specifying this class with generic feature.

Scripter doesn't support generic classes. You can only register specialized classes, like TMyStorage<Integer>, and give it a specific name like TMyStorageInteger.

Thanks for reply. I got it. How about array, when I try to use array I also need to be able to use square brackets [ ] for getting and setting items. But when I try to use square brackets, it seems scripter removes them.

Arrays and indexed properties should work. Please provide detailed so we can analyze the proper case.