Adding components to the AdvToolBar Pager

If I decide I don't like the QuickAccessToolBar and us a AdvPanel instead, I get more design/run time inconsistencies.

1: Add AdvPanel to AvdToolBarPager. Manually place at the top.

2: Add an AdvGlowButton.

3: If you set the glyph to come from an ImageList, the image appears at design time, but at run time the image is all white.

4: If you set the glyph from the "Picture" property, all is fine.

5: If I use the AdvToolButton, the ImageList works at both design and run time.

Is it not the case that whatever you see at design time should appear the run time?

QuickAccessToolBar is specally designed for AdvToolBarPager and using any other control instead including AdvPanel directly over AdvToolBarPager is not feasible specially with Aero.

OK. I am now focusing in on the problems I have been having.

I am doing development on a Windows 8 computer. If I use my Windows 7 computer, the QuickAccessToolBar is perfect, but in Windows 8 the button images look a bit naff at Run Time when in transparent mode.

I'm not sure yet if this is just a Windows 8 issue or whether I have to take more care when creating the button images.

And I have now figured out the icon at the left of the QuickAccessToolBar. I didn't realise this was just the main application icon. FYI: Your default icon doesn't seem to appear in Windows 8.

Toggling AdvQuickAccessToolBar1.AppIconAlphaBlended should solve application icon issue.

By setting that "true" the application icon looks blended. It's the button images that don't look so good in Windows 8 when the buttons are set to Transparent.