add NotExtractPictures as new parameter of TMSFMXRichEditor.ContentAsPlainHTML

In a project where I need to display documents wrote with RichEditor on a mobile app, I'd like to display direct RTE file on screen.

The solution I've found is to use
MyTMSFMXHTMLText.text := MyTMSFMXRichEditor.ContentAsPlainHTML
and generate a BitmapContainer programmaticly using the tree of elements from the RichEditor.

Using this, ContentAsPlainHTML method export PNG files even if I don't need it and I've found nothing to stop it.

Could you please add a second parameter to TTMSFMXRichEditor.ContentAsPlainHTML for ExportPicturesAsFile, by default True, and using it in TTMSFMXRichEditorBase.GetContentAsHTML ?

New option TMSFMXRichEditor.HTMLImages.igNone will be added to make the control ignore images during export

This feature was implemented.