Add Image to PlannerItem via HTML

Hi there,
I am facing a problem concerning the IMG Tag while trying to add a bitmap to a TPlannerItem's text area. The bitmap is correctly stored in a res file. I verified this by loading and showing this bitmap at runtime using a TImage object. When I assign the following HTML code to the item's Text property, nothing happens:
<IMG src="res://MY_BITMAP_NAME"></img>

Has anyone a clue what could be going wrong here? By the way, I'm using C++ Builder 6, TPlanner version is
Any help would be highly appreciated :)

Is the resource type RT_RCDATA?  As HTML invoked images can be more types than just bitmaps, this can't be stored as type RT_BITMAP. With RT_RCDATA all types like GIF, JPG, BMP can be supported.

I see, now it works. Thanks a lot.