Add Filter in Pivot Table


I created a template and after some long minutes I managed to create a pivot table and it's working great.
The question now is how to set a filter automatically,
For example in your Pivot Table sample, how could I set a filter for Customer and open the file already with this filter (e.g. 'Wilman Kala'). Excel is not allowing me to set a non existent value.
Thank you

Please ignore, this was easy to solve:

- I set the value at the cell instead the DB field name
- Added the filter to pivot table
- Put the DB field back


First of all, sorry for the delay answering. I suspected you could inded write the value in the pivot table to set the filter, but I wanted to test it before answering. And today has been really busy with a new FlexCle.NET release.

So thanks for informing me it worked, and again, sorry I didn't had the time to look at it earlier.