Add Color to AdvDropDownCombobox

I am trying to change the color of the grid that drops down when AdvDropDownCombobox is clicked. The grid background always remains white.  How can I color the dropdown grid background for cells containing data as well as the area of the dropdown that does not contain data cells. 


I see that the grid background color is set in the column (TDropDownColumn).  This covers the area occupied by the cells. There is the area between the grid's cells and the outer perimeter of the dropdown ListBox.  This area remains white.  How do I change the color outside the cells ?

We have investigated this and see this looks to be a problem in the VCL in later versions. 
I assume you use Delphi XE6 or newer?

If so, we have applied a fix for this VCL shortcoming and in the next update you'll be able to set this as expected with TAdvMultiColumnDropDown.DropDownColor

Hey Bruno

Downloaded the latest TAdvStringGrid Demo and the MultiColumnDropDown is still at version  When or where can I get the latest version with the above mentioned fix ???? 


Latest TMS VCL UI Pack v10.1.6.0 has this improvement.